Atlantic City Investment Opportunity

The Press of Atlantic City has a write-up on the investment opportunity the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) is holding in Atlantic City. From the Press: The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority will be auctioning off 95 excess pieces of properties later this month. Max Spann Real Estate and Auction Co., has scheduled an auction for […]

How Expensive is Owning a Beach House?

Though many real estate investors stay away from investing in beach houses, I’ve heard of more than one real estate investor who is willing to take the risk on a beach house. Depending on the market and amount you’re willing to invest, buying a beach house that pays for itself, may not be an impossibility. […]

Will Schuylkill Yards Change Where to Invest in Philadelphia?

One of the most talked about Philadelphia real estate projects is Schuylkill Yards. The massive West Philly real estate development being undertaken by Brandywine could be transformational for the city. The New York Times has a recent article on Schuylkill Yards, Philadelphia’s First Step to a Platform of Innovation, talking about the project. via – […]

Possible Multi-Family Investor Opportunity in Delaware

Sean Barrie has some interesting insight on the US commercial real estate loans market, The Five Largest CMBS Loans to Turn Newly Delinquent in February 2018. He writes, “The delinquency rate for US commercial real estate loans in CMBS is now 4.51%, a decrease of 32 basis points from the January level. It is now […]

Should Mall Owners Be Looking to Create Co-Working Spaces?

The continuing trends towards e-commerce have left many mall owners looking to fill voids left in many cases by tenants who’ve left. A recent article, Malls hope to get back in shape by adding gyms, shows how some mall owners have looked towards adding gyms to replace Malls hope to get back in shape by […]

When REITs Are Better Than Owning Actual Real Estate

Gary Beasley CEO Roofstock, an online marketplace for buying, selling and owning single-family rental investment homes, has the second part of his look at REITs vs. owning actual investment real estate. He provides some excellent insight into the advantages for new real estate investors. Low Minimum Investment While you can buy a REIT share for […]

E-Commerce Drives Foreign Real Estate Investment

It is often valuable to see where others are investing, especially institutional and large investment groups. One area that has seen a large growth and offers some potential for investment, especially in areas like the Lehigh Valley, that are a day’s trucking distance from a large portion of the east coast population. There are also […]

Know The Neighborhood Before Making Your Real Estate Investment

One important tenet of investing in real estate that can not be understated is the importance of neighborhoods. This is especially true in Philadelphia where people choose and identify specific neighborhoods. You have to know what people are looking for in each neighborhood as well. This is especially important if you are looking to do […]

The Dangers of Over Improving Your Investment Real Estate

Starting out in real estate investing is definitely among the riskiest time. As you grow your real estate investment portfolio, you can better handle vacancies, repairs, any issues that come up but as your starting out, it is very important to pay close attention especially on your first rehab. Dennis Spivey and Carter Jones have […]

Don’t Forget School District When Buying An Investment Property

One thing that is often overlooked by new real estate investors is the importance of school district. No matter, if you plan to fix and flip or rehab and hold long-term, the school district can have a huge impact on your investment. There are many towns with multiple school districts, which can drastically affect prices. […]