Real Estate Investors Can Benefit From the Growth of Online Grocery Sales

For those looking to invest in the changes to the retail landscape, industrial properties continue to be an interesting opportunity. It seems that now strategically located industrial properties are increasing in demand due to the growth of online grocery sales. BisNow has an excellent look at this continuing trend, Online Grocery Sales Skyrocketing Despite Dearth […]

Improving an Outdated Office Building

BisNow London has a great article, How To Take Advantage Of Hot Office Trends If You’re Not A Big-Shot Developer With A Fancy New Scheme, that is applicable to owners of older office buildings, especially those in the suburbs. It is easy for large office owners and developers to embrace the most cutting-edge trends when […]

Is Technology a Key for Warehouse and Industrial Property Investors

Innovation in real estate is not only taking place with co-working spaces and office buildings, but changes are even increasing in the industrial real estate market. The big drive behind this change is e-commerce and the change to the retail landscape. This article had an interesting perspective on the challenges facing industrial real estate owners, […]

Should Suburban Office Building Owners Consider Co-Working Spaces

Bisnow has a good look at how some suburban office building owners, Creative Co-Working Techniques For Office Owners And Operators, are looking to incorporate co-working spaces into their buildings. The article lists some challenges the building owners and investors can face, but notes that will the rise in popularity of co-working spaces it is something […]

Revitalizing the Philadelphia Suburban Corporate Center

There is an interesting article on one of the nation’s first corporate centers, In Fort Washington, new life for a historic office park. In 1955, Philip and Nathan Seltzer broke ground on one of the country’s first business parks, just off the Pennsylvania Turnpike in Fort Washington. At the time, sprawling corporate campuses were thought […]

Insurance Risks For Hosting Private Parties and Galas

A good reminder for those who hose a number of real estate investor or sales events during the year. Making sure you are properly insured, is important especially as you scale your real estate investing. Courtesy of AIG Private Client Group: Whether hosting a birthday party or a charity gala, organizing a successful event requires […]

Atlantic City Investment Opportunity

The Press of Atlantic City has a write-up on the investment opportunity the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) is holding in Atlantic City. From the Press: The Casino Reinvestment Development Authority will be auctioning off 95 excess pieces of properties later this month. Max Spann Real Estate and Auction Co., has scheduled an auction for […]

How Expensive is Owning a Beach House?

Though many real estate investors stay away from investing in beach houses, I’ve heard of more than one real estate investor who is willing to take the risk on a beach house. Depending on the market and amount you’re willing to invest, buying a beach house that pays for itself, may not be an impossibility. […]

Will Schuylkill Yards Change Where to Invest in Philadelphia?

One of the most talked about Philadelphia real estate projects is Schuylkill Yards. The massive West Philly real estate development being undertaken by Brandywine could be transformational for the city. The New York Times has a recent article on Schuylkill Yards, Philadelphia’s First Step to a Platform of Innovation, talking about the project. via – […]

Possible Multi-Family Investor Opportunity in Delaware

Sean Barrie has some interesting insight on the US commercial real estate loans market, The Five Largest CMBS Loans to Turn Newly Delinquent in February 2018. He writes, “The delinquency rate for US commercial real estate loans in CMBS is now 4.51%, a decrease of 32 basis points from the January level. It is now […]