The Dangers of Over Improving Your Investment Real Estate

Starting out in real estate investing is definitely among the riskiest time. As you grow your real estate investment portfolio, you can better handle vacancies, repairs, any issues that come up but as your starting out, it is very important to pay close attention especially on your first rehab. Dennis Spivey and Carter Jones have […]

Don’t Forget School District When Buying An Investment Property

One thing that is often overlooked by new real estate investors is the importance of school district. No matter, if you plan to fix and flip or rehab and hold long-term, the school district can have a huge impact on your investment. There are many towns with multiple school districts, which can drastically affect prices. […]

Will Warehouses Outperform Office Buildings in 2018?

There’s a interesting look at what commercial real estate sections could benefit most in 2018 by Steve Randall in Mortgage Professional America, What’s ahead for commercial real estate in 2018?.   As far as commercial real estate it will be interesting to see what sector does end up performing best in 2018.   What’s ahead […]

Commercial Real Estate Investing Mistakes To Avoid in 2018

Michael Episcope, Founder of Origin Investments, has a very good article, Avoid These Four Common Commercial Real Estate Investing Mistakes. Buying and managing investment property — be it houses, multifamily units or commercial real estate — is hard work. Owners must choose between paying to outsource and handling everything themselves. The latter can range from […]

Real Estate The Best Investment of the Last 150 Years

Dan Kopf puts together some interesting takes on a recent research paper writes some Housing was the world’s best investment over the last 150 years. This is the argument of a groundbreaking new paper from economists at University of California-Davis, University of Bonn, and the Deutsche Bundesbank (the central bank of Germany). In a feat […]

Real Estate Investing Angles To Keep An Eye Out for in 2018

Brian O’Connell has an interesting article in The Street, 5 Trends Shaping the 2018 Real Estate Market where he has some excellent insights into what we could see happen in real estate investing in 2015. Two of his points specifically stuck out. First, bank getting more aggressive in leanding, which should be great for investors and […]

Forbes Influencer Names Real Estate As Top Investment for 2018

Jeff Rose a Forbes Influencer has an interesting article, 4 Best Investments To Make In 2018. He lists real estate as a good investment but he is not big on being a landlord, which is definitely not for everyone. He does mention Fundrise as something he sees as an interesting option for commercial real estate investing. […]

Should You Invest In Apartment Buildings in the City or Suburbs?

Stanley Iezman & Christopher Macke of American Realty Advisors have some interesting insights on whether suburban apartment buildings will continue to be hot, in a recent article, What’s the Verdict on Urban vs. Suburban CRE Investment? Suburban appeal is certainly increasing due to strong current property fundamentals as a result of limited construction activity. Not […]

Why Buying and Selling Off-Market Apartments Makes Sense

Joe Fairless, & @joefairless, has an interesting article in the Forbes Real Estate Council, Three Ways An Owner Benefits From Selling Their Apartment Off-Market ,about the benefits to buyers and sellers of working with off-market deals. (Joe also has a highly valuable real estate podcast Invest With Joe) For Sellers of Apartment Buildings Below […]

Will The Vacation Home Market Drop In 2018?

Gail MarksJarvis has an interesting look at how beach house prices could fall in 2018, due to the changes in the tax law. She writes in Reuters, New Tax Laws May Kill the Beach House Dream. The new tax rules will have a big impact because many second-home buyers are middle-income households, not the super […]