Selling A Vacation House Without Having To Pay Taxes

Though the title may be a bit exaggerated. Depending on your circumstances and what you are looking to do, it can be possible to structure the sale of a vacation property into an almost tax-free long-term hand-off real estate investment. Below is some additional information about using a 1031 and Delaware Statutory Trust to handle […]

Investing In Actual Properties Or Using A REIT

Gary Beasley who is the CEO/Co-Founder of Roofstock has an interesting look at owning investment properties versus investing in a REIT in a recent Forbes article, Buying Rental Property Vs. Investing In A REIT, Part I. One of his best points I thought was the value of accruing equity when you actually invest in rental […]

MultiFamily & Office Buildings Could See Boom from Tax Plan

Elaine Misonzhnik has an excellent look into how the new tax plan, could be a boom to certain segments of the real estate industry and create a drag on others, The Tax Bill Is a Clear Boon to the CRE Industry. Will It Prove Too Much of a Good Thing? According to a white paper […]

Real Estate Investors Stand to Benefit From Tax Plan

Steve Wamhoff has an interesting commentary in Forbes that says that the tax plan will be a boom for real estate investors, Real Estate Investors Will Love This Last-Minute Change to the Tax Plan. The final bill provides a deduction for pass-through income that is supposed to benefit those business owners who create jobs. The […]

Some Great Advice for Anyone Considering Real Estate Investing

Brian Milovich, Co-Founder of Calvera Partners a multifamily investment company catering to high-net-worth individuals and families, has some excellent advice in a recent article in Forbes, Three Need-To-Know Secrets Of Investing In Real Estate, which is excellent advice for anyone considering real estate investing but still hasn’t made the first step. However, unlike stock investing, […]

Will Philadelphia Luxury Apartment Market Slowdown In 2018?

Matthew Rothstein has some interesting insights in Bisnow Philadelphia, Philly Multifamily’s Price Problem And 4 Other Things We Learned At The 2018 Forecast Event. It’s interesting to see how the costs of construction are driving up rents especially in the upper end of the market. Multifamily supply boom hitting top of market hardest One of […]

Will Residential Real Estate Be Down and Commercial Up Due to the New Tax Plan?

George Schultze has an article in Forbes about the Christmas Tax Plan, Investing After A Christmas Tax Gift, that shares some of the changes coming with the new tax plan. A new income tax rate cap of 25% for pass through entities (such as LP’s and LLC’s). However, this doesn’t apply to certain businesses (like […]

What Real Estate Investing Strategies Will Benefit Most Under the New Tax Plan?

John Engle in Seeking Alpha has some really interesting perspectives on what real estate investing strategies could benefit most form the recently passed changes to US tax law, The Big Winner Of The Tax Bill: Commercial Real Estate. Pass-through entities such as partnerships and limited liability companies are set to benefit greatly from the new […]

King of Prussia Mall to Become the Suburban Hudson Yards?

Michael Tanenbaum has an interesting article, Could King of Prussia Mall become a place to call home?, which looks at some of the development ideas being considered by Simon Property Group Inc for the old JC Penney department store. Simon is the largest mall landlord in the country and owner of the King of Prussia […]

Investing In the Changes to Retail Properties in the Philadelphia Area has an article, Wills Eye foresees more retail stores as more medical providers invade the malls, highlighting the continued changes to the retail sector and it is something that commercial real estate investors need to take note of. As more changes happen to the types of stores that are found in malls, shopping centers, […]