Will Wilmington NC See Growth From Carolina Connector?

The Journal of Commerce has a recent article, NC Ports adds Midwest rail access with CSX service, highlighting how “The North Carolina State Ports Authority (NCPA) on Thursday announced the start of the Wilmington Midwest Express, a new daily service that will bring ocean containers to Chicago, northwest Ohio, and St. Louis. The new CSX service … Read more

Can You Buy A Beach House That Pays For Itself?

Below is some interesting information on buying a vacation/beach house that can pay for itself. Though it likely requires a sizable down payment, it seems there are some areas on the Outer Banks where investing in an income producing beach house is worthwhile. This is in contrast to pretty much everywhere in Cape May and … Read more

Should Small Business Owners Also Be Real Estate Investors?

There is an interesting and very hypothetical question on Quora, I’m an entrepreneur and made $2 million this year with my business. I wanted to invest in real estate to avoid taxes but my accountant says to wait till next year…What should I do?, which could potentially give some insights for those looking at long-term success … Read more

What Does the Shopping Mall of the Future Look Like?

Shopping malls have been at the forefront of commercial real estate conversations for years now. After a seemingly endless discussion, the future outlook of the American shopping mall remains hazy. We still don’t know exactly what will save malls and bring these public shopping centers back into the spotlight for consumers. A New World for … Read more

5 Things to Know About Opportunity Zones – August 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly shaken up every market in the country including the demand for Mid-Atlantic warehouse space. While all eyes are on Class A cities to see how the very best in the game are faring during these times, other locations aren’t getting much consideration. In the middle of all of this market-madness, how are opportunity zones doing … Read more

Are Open-Air Grocery Anchored Shopping Centers The Next Big Thing

The lockdowns has turned the world of CRE upside down. Nearly every sector has been disrupted (or stimulated, in the case of industrial) by the pandemic’s far-reaching effects. New trends are being put into place, consumer demands took a 90-degree turn, and new approaches to business are coming into the light. Everyone’s wondering what exactly is … Read more

Is Atlantic City A Good Real Estate Investment?

There is a lot of talk about Atlantic City these days. The opening of new casinos tends to always build the hype. ActionNews 6 has plenty of coverage on the impending openings of the Hard Rock Atlantic City and Ocean Resort Casino, Counting down to new casinos in Atlantic City. Though after the casino meltdown, these recent re-openings have decidedly less … Read more

Do Mall Owners Need to Innovate More?

Jim Walsh of The Courier-Post has some insights into PREIT’s year-end reporting, Loss rises for operator of South Jersey malls. It definitely has been a tough year for retail property investors and owners, especially those who own and operate malls. PHILADELPHIA – The owner of the Cherry Hill and Moorestown Malls has reported an annual loss of $61.3 million, … Read more