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Can Grocery Stores Continue to Be Valuable For Commercial Real Estate Owners?


For those commercial real estate investors looking to revitalize commercial retail properties, looking into grocery tenants as anchors continues to hold value. A recent article,Grocery-Anchored Centers Continue To Be A Viable Investment from BisNow highlights how the market continues to see them as a solid play, though it likely is not a real estate investing strategy most are ready to use.

Since 2010, demand for grocery-anchored centers has exceeded supply and the trend is expected to continue through 2018. While demand for these centers remains high, there is some concern about oversaturation and declines in productivity due to competition in the marketplace, CoStar reports.

Stores like Walmart and dollar store chains have expanded their grocery offerings in recent years while Aldi, Lidl and Dollar General aggressively expanding their footprints. Online grocery sales have also increased an estimated 4% in the last few years, bringing the total number of U.S. households shopping for food online to 23% in 2017.

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