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Forbes Influencer Names Real Estate As Top Investment for 2018


Jeff Rose a Forbes Influencer has an interesting article, 4 Best Investments To Make In 2018. He lists real estate as a good investment but he is not big on being a landlord, which is definitely not for everyone. He does mention Fundrise as something he sees as an interesting option for commercial real estate investing.

If you’re not familiar with Fundrise they are an interesting story an offer an interesting option for investing in commercial real estate.

From their website:

Historically, real estate has proven to be one of the best-performing investments. As real estate investors ourselves, we spent our early careers building and owning unique properties in Washington, DC.

Yet, too often the profits from those projects ended up mostly in the pockets of our institutional investment partners, who in reality were acting merely as middlemen standing between us and the actual people whose money was being invested.

So, we started Fundrise with a simple idea: give everyone the opportunity to invest directly in high quality real estate, without the middlemen. Our idea definitely had its skeptics. Industry professionals told us that it was impossible. Well, they were wrong.

After nearly a year of working with the Securities and Exchange Commission, we launched our first online offering, ending up with 175 individual investors. Then we did it again and again. Today, there are more than 80,000 members of Fundrise and we’ve invested in nearly $3 billion worth of real estate.

Jeff is a certified financial planner, author, blogger, and Iraqi combat veteran. He is well-known for his websites and He also is the author of, Soldier of Finance: Take Charge of Your Money and Invest in Your Future.

He also lists some other good investment options. The article is definitely worth a read.

#3: Real Estate

In addition to the stock market and peer-to-peer lending websites, a third investment strategy to consider this year is real estate. The thing is, I’m not suggesting everyone run out and buy an investment property. After all, not everyone is cut out to be a landlord.

I’m certainly not. I tried investing in physical real estate seven years ago and almost lost my shirt. I learned a lot of lessons from my foray into becoming a landlord, the biggest of which was that I don’t need that kind of stress in my life.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to invest in real estate without dealing with a physical property. One option to consider is investing in real estate notes. I got started investing into real estate notes because a really good friend of mine was crushing it with real estate and offering his friends the chance to invest.

One option I’m really excited about is a company called Fundrise. Fundrise offers an investing scenario similar to the one above. They buy commercial properties and allow investors to invest small sums of money. Obviously, this is yet another hands-off investment. You may own part of a commercial real estate project, but you don’t even see or deal with the property itself.

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