Some Great Advice for Anyone Considering Real Estate Investing

Brian Milovich, Co-Founder of Calvera Partners a multifamily investment company catering to high-net-worth individuals and families, has some excellent advice in a recent article in Forbes, Three Need-To-Know Secrets Of Investing In Real Estate, which is excellent advice for anyone considering real estate investing but still hasn’t made the first step.

However, unlike stock investing, where being passive and finding low-cost mutual funds or ETFs is the best way to generate the highest returns, real estate requires you to be proactive.

You must be ardent in your desire to add real estate to your portfolio because no one else will tell you it’s a good idea.

You must learn how to evaluate a real estate transaction yourself, but you already know how to do it. And you must decide which type of real estate investment matches your personality and how you will invest to capture the unique tax advantages afforded in real estate.

Once you conclude real estate meets your need for reliable cash flow with the opportunity for appreciation, invest in it.