Montgomery County Real Estate Taxes to Increase in 2022

It’s important for real estate investors to keep an eye on changes to potential expenses and one expense which is seemingly always going up is local real estate taxes.

WFMZ is reporting, Montgomery County real estate investors and homeowners can plan to pay more for their real estate taxes in 2022, “It is anticipated real estate assessment growth of 8.19% and an increase in the real estate tax millage to 3.923 mills from the previous years’ 3.632 mills. This means homeowners will pay $3,923 per $100,000 assessed value of their homes.” 

An 8% increase in property taxes can definitely change the forecast for a real estate investment. The bottom line impact, if not mitigated through higher rents, could negatively effect IRR on the investment.

This is especially true for investments where the rehab budget or rent range is tight.