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Do You Need A Real Estate Assistant To Grow Your Business?


Anyone looking to scale their real estate business knows they need to be able to offload many of the administrative duties in order to sell more properties. As the Keller Williams blog points out,

You get all the results you can get, and when you can’t go any further, you look for help. This person should come in the form of a talented assistant. They are the first hire you should make because you have reached a point when it’s time to implement systems in your real estate business.

Growing A Real Estate Business in 2017

So if you are looking to take your real estate business to the next level it’s important to consider your options for growing your business. Hiring an assistant can be a great way to grow your business and according to data from the average salary of a real estate assistant is $47,000.

Via Indeed

For many real estate agents, it would seem to make sense to find a cheaper alternative using an offshore virtual real estate assistant. A quick look at Upwork one of the largest freelance sites shows virtual real estate assistants from $3 to $12 an hour but you usually get what you pay for and by looking for the lowest rate possible, you set yourself up for having to spend more time managing your assistant than increasing your sales.

the challenges of hiring A Real Estate Assistant

One of the greatest difficulties in scaling your business as ensuring you are now generating enough business to cover the expense of your new hire and to make the situation even more difficult this one person must be an expert in many areas for you to see a comparable growth in your business.

The benefit of digital advertising is that you can track all the ROI on every dollar spent, the downside is that if the money is poorly spent then you can spend you a considerable amount of money with little to no results.

2015 article by Inman mentioned that on average 75 cents out of every advertising dollar is spent on digital. With the large majority of ad spend being on digital it is imperative you maximize how that money is spent.

A recent Realtor Magazine article mentioned at least 6 ways real estate agents and brokers should be managing their online identity and lead generation. Those looking to take their real estate marketing to the next level may appreciate WordStream’s list of 35 Easy & Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas.

In order for you to maximize your assistants effectiveness they must be an expert in at least a few of the skills that matter to generating leads online.

3 Skills Every Real Estate Assistant Needs

  1. Social Media & Social Advertising
  2. Local SEO & Content Marketing
  3. Email Marketing

Professional Social Media Skills

It used to be that a real estate assistant needed to have basic social media skills, but that is a minimum in today’s market. The more applicable skill is whether or not they have experience with creating and running social ad campaigns.

Just having a Facebook page for your real estate business is useless as Facebook has cut the organic reach to anywhere from 2.7% to 4%. In order to successfully generate leads from Facebook your assistant must be an expert in ad creation, optimization, and bid management.

To effectively run real estate ad campaigns on Facebook you need to understand how things as small as the amount of text in the ad image can affect the cost and thus overall ROI of your campaign.

Local SEO & Content Marketing

Perhaps the most competitive aspect of long-term lead generation is having a comprehensive content marketing program that is designed to support your website’s overall search engine optimization. As Conductor pointed out in a recent article, SEO Jobs are Up 18%, and the Average SEO Salary Is Soaring.

Content marketing is booming; SEO, naturally, grows alongside it. After all, SEO is the craft of getting that content found on organic channels. You need both for a successful content strategy.
SEO jobs themselves have become more complex. You’re not just paying your SEO for his or her technical skills anymore, the SEO role has evolved. They are business leaders, strategists, and an internal evangelists. They must master more robust SEO technology and manage bigger budgets. They’re also responsible for bringing in more revenue.

The upward pressure of quality SEO and content marketing jobs has made it even more important to find a person with the right skill set that can take your website to the next level .The demand for SEO jobs means the salaries have increased alongside.

In today’s competitive real estate markets not having part of your budget dedicated to content marketing and SEO, means you will most likely fail to consistently earn a larger share of keywords in your local market.

Email Marketing for Real Estate

The importance of email marketing to successfully growing a real estate business can’t be understated. According to Benchmark Email,

While the majority of subscribers being derived from internet contact constitutes one of the highest percentages to be found in any industry sector. This statistic vividly demonstrates how reliant real estate companies are on obtaining both buying and selling leads directly from online sources….
The statistics show that 9% of lists are less than 500; 11% 500–1,000; 16% 1,000–3,000; 44% 3,000–5,000; and 20% are over 5,000.

Being able to successfully market to an email list is of paramount importance to the real estate professional. The ability to maximize your email marketing efforts becomes especially important when you consider this data from MailChimp that the average open rate on a real estate email is 21.42% with a click-through rate of 1.97%.

So if you are doing an average job only 1 out of every 5 emails you send are going to get opened.

The State of Real Estate Marketing in 2016

If you are looking to grow your real estate business in 2016, it’s important to optimally spend your marketing dollars. As digital marketing makes up the lion share of your spend it begs to ask the question, what can you do to best grow your business?

I think the best way to spend your marketing budget and grow your real estate business, is by working with a team that understands the real estate business inside and out.

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