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Opportunities for Cash Investors – Second Quarter 2020


Just came across an interesting article in Forbes by Regina Cole, Now Is A Great Time To Invest In Real Estate, which highlights how we could see a return to cash real estate investors using, “Subject To” deals. The article highlights some thoughts by Clint Coons an attorney who sees,

“Coons believes that an excellent way to monetize the current real estate landscape is with “Subject To” investments. “Subject to” investing is a method of purchasing property that leaves the seller’s loan in place. In essence, it allows the buyer to purchase real estate without getting new financing for the property – he or she is buying real estate that is “subject to” the existing debt.”

I think the best point of the article is that real estate investors who are currently able to purchase properties for cash will have a lot of options and be able to use some creative terms. It could definitely be an interesting quarter for cash real estate investors.

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