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How to Sell a House Fast


If you are thinking, I need to sell my house, so I need to figure out the best process to sell a house fast in Philadelphia, there are a number of things you need to take into consideration.

It is also important to realize that for much the same reason as many people consider selling their homes for sale by owner, getting a house ready to sell fast definitely takes time and if you are looking for the fastest way to sell a home it definitely is to consider companies who buy homes quickly in Philadelphia.

If your first thought is, I’m not ready to sell it as fast as possible. There are a number of steps you can take, to get your house ready to sell fast.

One of our biggest recommendation after identifying the items that need to be repaired or updated is to determine what can you handle yourself and what would require handling a professional to handle them.

Starter Checklist – Sell Your House Fast

  • Remove clutter including most personal items (Consider Getting a Storage Unit).
  • Decide which upgrades need to be done
  • Brighten up with new paint
  • Clean up the yard including new landscaping (Curb appeal)
  • Stage and photograph your house
  • Start promoting your house
  • Hold open houses
  • Allow time for buyer tours

This is just a short quick list and even all the items above can take some considerable time, money or effort. If you are looking to sell a house fast – give us a call at 215-987-4561.

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