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Is Technology a Key for Warehouse and Industrial Property Investors


Innovation in real estate is not only taking place with co-working spaces and office buildings, but changes are even increasing in the industrial real estate market.

The big drive behind this change is e-commerce and the change to the retail landscape. This article had an interesting perspective on the challenges facing industrial real estate owners, Communication And Collaboration: The Building Blocks Of Successful Facility Management

E-commerce is changing the landscape of commercial real estate.

As online retail giants experiment with new ways to improve the customer experience, demand for manufacturing space and warehouses is higher than ever. A booming e-commerce industry has piqued the interest of real estate investors, and the development of industrial facilities across the U.S. continues to grow.

To maintain an effective operation, the people who own and manage these facilities employ several maintenance workers to service the space. But many have struggled to stay on budget and stick to a timeline due to safety hazards or unforeseen circumstances.

These setbacks can slow production, negatively impacting a manufacturing company’s bottom line. Now, there is increased competition among landlords to attract tenants. Property managers and contractors are working together to create spaces that drive both productivity and innovation.

Those looking to invest in industrial real estate, should be wise to consider the impact e-commerce can have on their purchase.

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