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Will Greensboro Real Estate Get Supersonic?


Some recent news which could have an impact on Greensboro areal real estate was, Boom Supersonic picks North Carolina to build and test ultra-fast planes.

From the article, “Boom Supersonic, which is developing ultra-fast airplanes it believes will lead to the return of commercial supersonic flights, has picked Greensboro, N.C., to build and test those planes.

The Greensboro-based plant, which is expected to employ 1,750 workers by the end of the decade, is the latest example of a new aviation manufacturing facility being built in the region. In the last 11 years, Boeing and Airbus have established new final assembly plants in North Charleston, S.C., and Mobile, Ala., respectively.”

The article goes on to explain how Boom is planning to start building planes in 2024 with the first ones being available in 2025 and then with test flights happening after that.

Interestingly Boom picked the location due to its proximity to the Atlantic Coast. As the article mentions, “The proximity to the ocean is an important facto…The vast majority of our flight tests will be over the water, where the plane can speed up so there is not a sonic boom over populated areas.”

While it will be a while before the impact of Boom may be felt, this could be another reasons for Greensboro real estate investors to begin looking for properties in the Greensboro area.

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