Will Real Estate Investing In Camden Increase?

Nicholas Pugliese has a very insightful article on WHYY, Camden rekindles industrial past, new plant fueled by tax breaks. The article highlights the controversial tax break incentives companies have been receiving to more their operations to Camden. The article also goes on to highlight how a current real estate construction project for ResinTech could be a significant turning point.

But, built on 27 acres of previously contaminated land straddling Cramer Hill and East Camden, ResinTech will provide the types of jobs that residents have been clamoring for under a controversial corporate-tax break that many say has left them out.

“I would say right now, to the extent that we need people for the types of jobs we need, we’re exclusively targeting Camden residents,” he said. “We are coming to Camden first.”

Plus, he said, the company is a good fit for its working-class neighborhood.

“We have a number of white-collar jobs, and that’s not going to change,” he said. “But we have many, many, many, many unskilled, semi-skilled opportunities for workers — hundreds and hundreds of opportunities — and I think that should match the labor pool here. And hopefully we can train them up … to turn them into future managers or leaders within the company.”

A growing job base alongside all the other positive changes Camden has seen in recent years could make it an attractive opportunity for those interested in real estate investing in Camden. Both residential and commercial real estate investors should find opportunity within the city.