Are Malls Really the Next Co-Working Hotspots?

As we previously wrote in, Do Mall Owners Need to Innovate More?, there seems to be a tremendous opportunity for a value-add investment play on many of the smaller, older malls. One suggestion we put forth, Should Mall Owners Be Looking to Create Co-Working Spaces?, was that mall owners should look to use co-working spaces to fill … Read more

Investing In Suburban Mid-Rise Office Buildings

For those looking to invest in office buildings, this recent article, Why Mid-Rise Buildings Are the Future of Office Investment,  by Tim Lee a VP with the Olive Hill Group on the National Real Estate Investor site (  has some excellent insight on the benefits of considering mid-rise office buildings as a real estate investment strategy. The article makes some excellent … Read more

Retail Conversions a Great Option for Logistics

The question as to what to do with the skeletons of the once-great American shopping scene has been on the table for years now. And, as much discussion circulates throughout the industry, little progress has been made in finding new functions for the many dead and dying retail spaces all around the country. Over the … Read more

Ft. Lauderdale Opportunity Zones

As readers of the site know, we are big on the potential being offered by Opportunity Zones here in Philadelphia and across Pennsylvania, New Jersey, & Delaware. We’ve also been examining how investors and eventual employees around Amazon’s planned Virginia HQ could potentially benefit from investing in the Opportunity Zone nearby. This led our team to take a recent trip … Read more

Internet May be the Most Important Office Space Amenity

For those looking to make value-add investments in office buildings, the change in desired amenities is something to keep an eye on. Though there is a growth towards co-working spaces and an increased demand for tenant amenities. It’s important to not overlook the building’s infrastructure especially how is the Wi-Fi coverage. This recent article highlights the … Read more

Will Warehouses Outpace Office Buildings as Investments? has a good look at the growth of warehouses as real estate investments, With e-commerce booming, warehouses are now worth more than office buildings. Colliers looked at 14 North American markets (all but one, Toronto, in the U.S.) and found that such warehouses sold last year at an average capitalization rate of 5.8 percent. That’s comfortably lower than … Read more

Know The Neighborhood Before Making Your Real Estate Investment

One important tenet of investing in real estate that can not be understated is the importance of neighborhoods. This is especially true in Philadelphia where people choose and identify specific neighborhoods. You have to know what people are looking for in each neighborhood as well. This is especially important if you are looking to do a rehab … Read more

Real Estate The Best Investment of the Last 150 Years

Dan Kopf puts together some interesting takes on a recent research paper writes some Housing was the world’s best investment over the last 150 years. This is the argument of a groundbreaking new paper from economists at University of California-Davis, University of Bonn, and the Deutsche Bundesbank (the central bank of Germany). In a feat of … Read more